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You own a restaurant and you want to increase your profits by wines and gastronomy of quality ? The only company in Prague with the capacity to delivery wine and gastronomy from different countries. Write us to know more about our conditions.


You own a hotel and you are searching wine for your international customers ? With our range of products, we are able to provide you the best quality of wine & gastronomy. Write us to know more about our conditions.


Storage              Delivery                 Training                  Payment

Your wine will be in our storage until the moment you decide to be delivered. We can also provide training for your employee, to organize with you some presentation of products for your customers.
The payment condition are flexible.



You own a bar with international wine menu and you want best products from France, Argentina, Chile ? We have the wine you are searching but also delicatess ! Write us to know more about our conditions.



You own a company and you want to thank your collaborators ? We have also some combinaison of wine & gastronomy for you. Discover our concept to know more about our conditions.

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